Monday, January 19, 2015

Losers, Long-Shots, and Little Guys

In my last post I was a little critical of the Guardians of the Galaxy, calling them thieves, murders, and generally self-centered—and rightfully so. These heroes don’t wear halos. Peter Quill—who insists on being called Star Lord—is portrayed as a self-aggrandizing womanizer. Rocket Raccon is an amoral bounty hunter out to make a quick buck. Gamora is willing to lie, steal and cheat to escape her tyrant father, Thanos. Drax is driven only by his thirst for revenge. The verbally-impaired Groot is likely the most valiant of the bunch. In a pivotal moment in the movie, Star Lord assesses his team, saying, "When I look around, you know what I see? Losers.” Yet, strange as it may seem, it is this very quality that makes the Guardians so refreshing and appealing. They have flaws of biblical proportion, but so do we. Your past and mine is filled with faults, fumbles, and failures. But here’s the good news—God loves the losers, the long-shots, and the little guys.

The Bible is full of losers. Story after story is marked by scandal, stumble, and scheming. Noah drank 'til he passed out. Abraham lied about his marriage and slept with the maid. Sarah laughed at God’s promises. Jacob was a con-man. Leah was ugly. Moses was a murderer. Miriam was a gossip. David failed as a father. Jeremiah wrestled with depression. Martha worried. Peter denied. Thomas doubted. The list goes on and on. Each one of them had flaws of biblical proportion. Yet, just as the Guardians managed to save the entire galaxy, God used these imperfect people to accomplish his incredible will.

Max Lucado writes, "If God chose only righteous people to change the world, you could count them all on one finger—Jesus! Instead he included others in his plan—sinners, the ungodly, the imperfect. God used and uses people to change the world. People! Crooks, creeps, lovers, and liars—he uses them all!”

If you ever wonder how God can use you to make a difference in your world, just look at those he has already used, and take heart.

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